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"Trux Models has ceased trading and its models, molds and masters sold to a number of other manufacturers."

AddressYeadon, Leeds

Trux Models specialized in producing 1:76 scale model kits of vehicles used by the British Army in World War II. Many of the vehicles were Canadian or U.S. products. Models were cast in polyurethane resin but some had white metal parts as well. There were three basic vehicle ranges:

  • British vehicles 1939 - 1940
  • British vehicles 1940 - 1945
  • Canadian Military pattern (CMP)

Trux Models produced a range of 1:76 scale military bridges and bridging vehicles. Using standard components a wide variety of bridges could be built. The components could be used as loads for the vehicles.

Some years ago, Trux purchased the moulds and masters for the ex-Miltra range of 1:76 scale figures and weapons.

To supplement the vehicle and bridge models, Trux produced a series of Handbooks. These used official wartime documents to give full details of bridges, wireless vehicles and selected units. There were also factsheets which gave the War Establishment together with detailed notes on most types of unit in 21 Army Group plus several BEF units.

Trux produced some limited ranges of models and sold models produced by Legend Models.

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