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Suite 241
1285 Baring Boulevard
Sparks, Nevada
89434-8673, UNITED STATES

"Note the above address is for the receipt of product inventory only. Please do not send inquiries or payments for orders to the above listed address, since a timely response to you may be delayed if you do."


"We manufacture and sell our Dogfight 3-D flight stands.

"These are superb for aerial wargaming, or gaming with spaceships and spacefighters, since they have five telescoping sections, and swiveling magnetic heads which permit virtually any attitude of flight to be represented, including even inverted maneuvers. They extend from 7" to 22" in height. With our Altimeter System altitude dials, you can represent as many as 500900 different levels of altitude with the twist of your wrist, and a slight change in the antenna length, which is equivalent to 50,000 to 90,000 feet in 100-foot increments.

"Our Dogfight flight stand system permits you to concentrate on the enjoyment of your aerial wargames, and on tactics to defeat your opponent(s), instead of: hassling with adding or removing sections of rod each turn to change altitudes (yes, we have tried that too); fumbling with numerous chits, and cluttering your tabletop with them, and then trying to figure out which aircraft they belong too when in close contact; or having to log the altitude of each aircraft every turn, which becomes more like an exercise in accounting than a fast and furious dogfight.

"We are the North American distributor for Duel of Eagles (WWII) and Clash of Sabres (post-WWII to 1970's) aerial wargaming rules.

"We also sell various other rules, miniatures, models, dice, sand timers, tools, and additional items for your aerial, and other wargaming needs. See the following list for the wargaming products that we have for sale:

  • Topgun Marketing LLC
    • Dogfight 3-D flight stands
  • Wargaming Rules
    • A&A Engineering
    • Blue Sky series Blue Sea/Blue Sky, Red Sun/Blue Sky, Red Star/Blue Sky, and White Star/Blue Sky WWII aerial rules
    • Check Your Six! aerial rules, and the Battle of Britain, Falcon of the Duce and Guadalcanal scenario supplements
    • QRF
    • Vandering Publications
  • Miniatures and Models
    • Scotia WWII and Modern 1/300th scale aircraft
    • Navwar WWII and Modern 1/300th scale aircraft
    • Reviresco 1/144th scale WWI aircraft
    • Figurehead 1/1250th and 1/6000th naval miniatures, and Modern 1/1200th scale aircraft
    • Various Manufacturers e.g. Bandai, F-Toys, Takara, Platz, and Sweet 1/144th scale WWI, WWII, and Modern aircraft. These are produced in very limited production runs, so are in high demand and sell out very quickly. We recommend that if you see items listed that you want from these ranges, that you purchase them right away, since they may sell out, and may be unavailable for a considerable amount of time, if they are ever produced again.
  • Decals

"Look for more Dogfight-brand aerial wargaming items to be released in the near future."

Also carries "limited range of 1/1250th scale modern vessels."


"Email us if you would like to receive a copy of our product catalog, showing the items we currently have in stock for sale, along with their prices. We will send it right out to you."


"We accept PayPal for your convenience, as well as U.S. Postal Money Orders. We also accept International Money Orders for non-eBay purchases, but the shipments will be delayed until we are notified that the funds have cleared at our bank.

"If you wish to use a Money Order for payment, prefer to contact us by normal mail, or need to return an item, please let us know via email, and we will provide you with an alternate mailing address."

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