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AddressFOUR 8th Ave SW
Childersburg, Alabama
Phone(256) 378-8082

Publisher of the Time Portal Passages military history/gaming magazine. Also publishes miniature rules, including:

  • Supreme Warlord: Blood Lust Spirit (fantasy; in playtest)
  • War Eagles (Napoleonic 1:35 scale)
  • Induanas, Colonels & Emirs (Colonial mass unit combat rules 1:15 scale)
  • Europe's Minor and Colonial Wars (army lists - due November 2003)
  • the Fire & Discipline rules series
    • The Marlborough Era
    • Wars in America
  • Coastal Command (WW2 Small Craft Campaign and Tactical Rules)
  • Distant World Battles - a sci-fi game which uses some DBA-style mechanics

Under the War Eagle Design part of the company, we have released a range of 15mm Ancients, including Saheal Africa and specialty troops from other regions of the world. This range will be expanded other the next few years. Our ranges also include a series of 12mm sci-fi alien infantry - including Canines, Felines, Minotaurs, Centaurs, and Avians.


Carries a wide variety of U.S.-manufactured products, including GFI, 19th Century Miniatures, and gaming products such as War Torn Worlds and Litko bases.

"We try to maintain a stock of one each of every Osprey title from their various military history lines. Currently we have over 700 titles in stock. We take Concord titles to shows, but re-stock rates are often low and spotty in frequency."


"Payment can be made with money orders or personal checks. Currently we do not accept credit cards, except at shows." Accepts PayPal.

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