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"We are a manufacturer only. We ship to distributors, who sell to retailers. Ergo, no mail order department. We only retail when we are at a major convention (e.g. GenCon.)"
AddressKissimmee, Florida

"Sci-Fi-Supply (SFS) is a Florida-based model and prop company that has worked on many projects from TV shows (Seaquest, Superboy, Moon Over Miami, and The Cape to name a few) to convention games such as their "Mega-games", large-scale gaming models of popular miniature and board wargames (Ogre, BattleTech and Capital Ship Combat for example.)

"SFS intends to release new lines of gaming scenery as well as build models and dioramas to contract."

They have the following product lines: Wild Walls, Fantasy Village, Sci-Fi City, Battle Zone Accessories, and Fortress Generica.

"We do have a set of Ogre Macrotures, as we call them. They are close to 1/35th scale (about 35mm or so for every five feet.) The set consists of the following:

  • 2 Ogre MK Vs (measuring over two feet long!!)
  • 9 HVY tanks
  • 6 MSL tanks
  • 15 GEVs
  • 8 LT tanks
  • 4 HWZs
  • 2 Command Posts

"And more scenery than you can shake a tac-nuke at...(not that you want to go shaking thermo-fusion warheads about...)

"Regretfully, we do not have the Macrotures in production (despite Steve's blessings and, more importantly, legal permission to produce and sell them). The problem is that we cannot produce them cheaply enough to make them feasible. So the models we have are for convention games only. (But, boy, is it alot of fun. Just ask Steve!)"

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