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Owner passed away 2014

Decal line sold 2019 to I-94 Enterprises.

AddressP.O. Box 1117
Fullerton, CA
Phone(714) 535-7486
  • "The Scale Specialties Ship Names series features all the individual ship names for the categories indicated, along with class conversions or other uses for the specific vessel, i.e., minesweepers used as seaplane tenders (see US Destroyers WW II sheet). The names are printed on Self adhesive labeling sheets, and are cut from this sheet and applied to the model or its base, as you wish. The names are duplicated on a plain paper copy to be used as a general reference of the name(s) and vessel class/type, etc. Time periods covered are Age of Sail, American Civil War, World War I, and World War II."
  • The Quartermaster Corps line is unique for being a system by which you may index and organize your wargaming pieces. It is intended for use with storage boxes offered by I-94 Enterprises (Panzerkeeper, etc.) or similar size boxes by CinC, small size equal to Panzerkeeper, and GHQ, the large capacity boxes, equal to Mothball/Footlocker. Individual item numbers cross indexed to a location scheme on the storage listing for the individual box are printed on self-adhesive storage box indexing sheet. The sheet allows for organization of all these units as you wish. The pre-printed version need be only marked up as contents (type item, time period, area of operation, nationality), the blank version allows you to do your own set up. Further sheets are provided in a number of colors to assist in assigning nationality for carrier location and individual retrieval of material while gaming."

The company also operates a retail store.


"Accepts MasterCard, Visa and Discover Card."

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