Rosedale Figurines

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AddressWest Scotland

White metal figures, both painted and unpainted.

  • 54mm scale (unpainted figurines by Al Charles)
    • Fantasy (Amazons, Monsters)
    • Ancients (Romans, Gauls, Thermopylae Graeco-Persian Wars line)
    • Medieval (Crecy 1346, Stamford Bridge/Hastings, Horns of Hattin/Holyland Crusades, Looters)
    • American Civil War (Duette line)
    • 19th Century (The Hill - Custer's Last Stand)
    • WWII (refugees)
  • 80mm scale (Knights, erotic Angels)
  • 90mm scale (Napoleonic, Indian Wars)
  • 100mm scale U.K. Classics (19th Century - Zulu Wars, British Empire, War of 1812)
  • 110mm scale (British drum major)
  • 120mm scale
    • U.K. Classics line by A. Ball (Ancients, Renaissance, 18th Century, Napoleonics, ACW, WWII)

The company also manufactures the Sanderson 54mm scale line of unpainted figures:

  • Ancients (Roman Slave Market)
  • Medieval (Normans)
  • Renaissance (English Civil War)
  • Napoleonics (press gang)
  • 19th Century (Pioneers)
  • Miscellaneous (Novelty Girls, furniture)

The company also makes a Toy Soldiers line of 54mm scale painted figures:

  • Medieval (Chivalry Range - Robin Hood, Knights of the Round Table, Joust, men at arms; The Siege - Cusaders, Saracens)
  • 19th Century (The Hill - Custer's Last Stand)
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