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AddressWhitfield, Dover, Kent

"Realistic Modelling Services offers the following:

  • Modular Terrain, available as Bespoke or Standard
  • Full range of Trees, in Brass etched or White Metal
  • Lay-on Scenery, which includes Resin Walls/Roads/Rivers/Fields
  • Figure Painting Service
  • Ships painted/assembled/rigged and based
  • Landscape Modelling Materials

"We are supplying the Hobby with Static Grasses, Sands/Gravels/Limestone/Rocks and Stones, all in various grades. Mod Roc/Plaster and Fibre matting.

"In purchasing another company (Set Scenes), our manufacturing now includes a 40-plus range of Foam Scatter Coat, used in making Trees/hedges/ground cover and basing, available in Fine, Random and Coarse Grades.

"Yes, we can supply "SNOW" in 3 Grades.

"We continue to supply a high quality product, be it Bespoke or Standard.

"Happy to help with any enquiry, thank you for your interest."

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