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Address904 Edgewood Dr.
Sheffield, AL

Raven's Forge makes the following product lines:

Children of Fantasy
Raven's Forge Fantasy line, intended for both wargames and role playing games alike. Features many unique figure types.
Children of the Nile
Line of Egyptian gods, goddeses, warriors and townspeople sculpted in 28mm scale.
Children of Valhalla
Brings to life the Saga of the Vikings...the runes, ice, snow, berserks, giants, viking raids, and most of all - Valhalla, the home of the Norse Gods.
Crimson Dragon
Crimson Dragon is the economy line, designed and manufactured to allow gamers to fill out the ranks of their miniatures cheaply and quickly. They are available only from Raven's Forge directly.

The company also retails casting supplies:

  • Kneadatite epoxy putty for sculpting new figures or converting existing figures
  • Hot Wire Foam Cutters for making your own scenery from Styrofoam beadboard or extruded insulation board.
  • Custom Heat Vulcanized Rubber Homecasting Molds for the serious homecaster, based on sculptings you provide.
  • Custom Spincasting for those budding sculptors, or seasoned veterans, who have made their own figures, want more copies, but don't want to fool with making molds and homecasting. If the customer desires, Raven's Forge will make the figures available to the public and pay the sculptor a comission on sales.

The manufacturer writes:

"In the first week of August, I bought the miniatures division of TAG Industries in Castalia Ohio. They released the following lines:

  • Crimson Dragon
  • Children of the Nile
  • Children of Fantasy
  • Children of Valhalla
  • a scince fiction game licensed line
  • and a licensed line for a really wacky role playing game line

I now own all of these lines, along with some figures that were either never put into full production, or were never put into production.

"I am waiting for a new furnace to arrive, so that I can begin spinning the existing molds, to see which ones are still good, and which ones are junk.

"Plans include releasing Crimson Dragon as a line available only to the general public through Ravens Forge, as sort of a "discontinued" line.

"Children of the Nile is the first line to be released to game distributors, retailers, as well as the general public. These two lines have a release date of Fall '96.

"Children of Valhalla will be released in early '97 (perhaps GAMA trade show), with additions throughout the year and on into '98.

"I am negotiating with several companies for licensing for several new miniature games. They include a 1/285 - 1/300 grav armor game and a 15 & 25mm space armor game. I am also trying to work out new licensing agreements for the two lines that TAG had licenses for.

"Other products include sculptor's materials, such as Kneadatite two part epoxy, matrixes and armatures (25mm for now, but 30mm and 15mm are in works). Raven's Forge also offers custom spincasting. I am working on custom sculpting, but that will take some time to get set up. I will also offer custom heat vulcanized gravity molds made from customer's original models/sculptures for home casting.

"One of the things I really want to do is to track down and purchase some of the old lines of miniatures, in order to put them out again. Raven's Forge is always looking for old molds from closed down companies. If anyone helps us locate an old company and we are able to purchase the molds and rights to the figures, we will reward them with figures from that line! E-mail us for more details!"

- "Bo" Mathews

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