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"QRF is a range of 15mm and 1:100th scale figures covering the 20th Century and beyond, including World War One, Spanish Civil War, World War Two, post-war (Korea, Arab-Israeli, Malaya, Cold War, Africa), Modern and sci-fi."

  • World War One (Infantry, guns and armor)
  • Spanish Civil War (limited infantry range)
  • World War Two (armor, softskins, artillery, infantry, covering a wide range of major and minor nations)
  • Post-War (American, British, Soviet/Warsaw Pact; Arab/Israeli - Egyptians, Syrians, Israelis; Korean War - British, US, Australians, NKPA, Koreans and ChiCom; Vietnam War - NVA, VC, U.S., developing aircraft and helicopter range)
  • Modern - Extensive ranges including artillery, engineer and air defense kit. Recognition Approved American, British, Soviet/Warsaw Pact/CIS, French, German, Swedish, Chinese, many others, such as Yugoslavian, Czech and Romanian, Resin aircraft and helicopter range
  • Science fiction (formerly Freikorp) including aliens and carnivorous plants
  • Miscellaneous - some civilian items
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