Pass of the North

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"Pass o' the North figures are cast with open hands. Shields are usually separate, although included with each pack where needed. Weapons packs may be purchased separately. All packs contain approximately 8 foot or 4 mounted figures; Command packs are 6 foot or 3 mounted."

15mm Ancients

There are 3 sets of Mongol mounted (Twelve mounted in each group):

  • Mon1 - Unarmored with Swords overhead (multiple head variations) and two open handed poses (multiple head variations).
  • MON2 - Unarmored Horse Archers holding bow across saddle (multiple head variations) and three HA's firing (only one of which is a two piece casting).
  • MON3 - Armored Cavalry with swords, bows and open handed. Lots of conversions in this group.
  • Mon4 - Armored Riders on Unarmored Horses
  • In reworking the unarmored horses for Mon1 and Mon2 some of the saddles may be too thick may require some filing to set the figures on properly.
  • Shields are supplied separate but spears must be obtained by the purchaser.
  • The figures contain small metal parts and present a possible choking hazard and are not suitable for children under 14.

There is also a DBA army (3x3CV, 9x2LH)

A line of 25mm historical miniatures (Western, Banana Wars) has been sold off, or in some cases discontinued "due to condition of the molds." Jeff Caruso tells us he has "no desire to redo the molds."

(Former 15mm Ancients line now produced by Game Figures Inc.)


"For Listing of figures only, send SASE. For Samples and Listing, send $5.00 USD."



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