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"Our aim, other than to stay in business, is to supply what we think is a great quality product, namely our growing range of high quality 15mm Armoured Fighting Vehicles, ARV's if we're feeling all military, along with a truly top notch pre-painted option all at a very reasonable price.

"Our vehicles are cast in a very high quality polyurethane resin, which unlike other cheaper product has none of the brittleness associated with cast resin products, all our moulds are made in near total vacuum, while all our products are cast in high pressure environments. The combination of these two techniques virtually eliminates the bubbles and imperfections that are usually part and parcel of the resin casting process.

"All our products are available either in plain resin and therefore ready to paint or pre-painted in a variety of camouflage schemes. All our painting is done in house in England by skilled and accomplished painters."

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