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"In 2002, Magister Militum began to import the Hallmark ranges from Noble Miniatures in the USA. Shortly after, Magister Militum purchased Navigator and Chariot Miniatures, and began to produce their own ever-expanding range of 10mm figures. They also import Noble (Hallmark), JR Miniatures and GHQ into Europe.

"Magister Militum now have a massive selection of wargames products from Dinosaurs to Sumerians to Ultra Modern, scenery from Biblical forts to Spaceship corridors and scales from 1:6000 to 28mm. Below is a summary of all the brands you can find on the Magister Militum website, where you can buy online and use any major payment card or PayPal."

  • 10mm Magister Militum Biblicals and Ancients as featured in Warmaster Ancients
  • 10mm Magister Militum Menacing Monsters (Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Creatures)
  • 10mm Magister Militum Napoleonics (an expanding range in its early days)
  • 10mm Magister Militum Medieval and Samurai
  • 10mm Chariot ACW, Zulu War and Franco-Prussian War
  • 10mm Chariot/Perrin/Magister Militum World War II Infantry and Vehicles
  • 15mm Chariot Miniatures comprehensive range of Biblicals and Ancients with DBA and DBM armies
  • 15mm Chariot Fantasy
  • 15mm Blood Dawn Fantasy
  • 15mm Chariot French Revolutionary Wars and Napoleonics
  • 15mm Hallmark Carts, Wagons, Artillery & Medieval Siege Equipment and League of Augsberg
  • 25/28mm Navigator Miniatures Ancients
  • 25/28mm Navigator Miniatures Crusades
  • 25/28mm Orcs, Dwarves, Beasts, etc.
  • 25/28mm Army Deals, dozens of them!!
  • Baueda
  • 1:285 GHQ vehicles and buildings, both WWII and Modern
  • 1:285 Mainforce Miniatures WWII and Modern
  • 1:1200 GHQ Micronauts (Napoleonic)
  • 1:1200 Hallmark Coastal craft for WWII
  • 1:1200 Mountford ships for WWII and Modern
  • 1:1200 CAP Aero and 617 Sqn. aircraft, WWII to Modern
  • 1:2400 GHQ Micronauts covering Pre-Dreadnought, World War I, II and Modern
  • 1:2400 Hallmark ships, Renaissance Galleys to 19th Century
  • 1:6000 Hallmark ships covering Pre Dreadnought, World War I, II and Modern
  • JR Miniatures Building and Scenery; 6mm, 10mm, 15mm and 28mm
  • Battleground and Ian Weekley Models buildings from 6mm to 25/28mm (produced by Magister Militum)
  • Arboretum Brass Etched Trees
  • Howard Hues Acryllic Paints from the USA
  • Little Big Man Studios 10mm rub-off Transfers
  • VVV 10, 15 and 28mm water-slide Shield Transfers
  • Many popular rules and hard-to-come-by computer and strategy games
  • And much more...

Magister Militum Supreme Commander of all Forces on Land or Sea!

Promoting Wargaming Worldwide


In the United States, see Great Hall Games.

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