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"Lyon Studio seeks to provide "uncommon personalities in 28mm" for the fantasy and science-fiction role player, wargamer, and especially, miniature enthusiasts. Our small but growing line of miniature designs will seek to present unique characters for game masters and players to employ to represent their protagonist and antagonists. Innovative and interesting creatures for the game master will be designed to be used as new monsters to surprise players, or as alternate interpretations of monsters which have few or poor miniature representations available on the market. D20 statistic blocks will be available on the website for all of our releases. The figures are lead-free and supplied unpainted and unassembled.

"Our first releases are of 38mm tall anthropomophic alligator warriors. One figure has armaments of a Roman Centurion. The second figure is armed as a Greek Hoplite. The Greek figure can be configured into three distinctly different troopers (commander, spear trooper, or sword trooper - with or without a helmet, and two crest options).

"These initial releases are great representations for alligator or crocodile anthropomorphs, lizard men, half-dragons, or troglodytes."


"Can currently only be purchased from our online shop with PayPal (including credit card payments through PayPal)."


"Lyon Studio has no overseas distribution."

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