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Acquired by Brigade Games


Former publisher of:

  • This Very Ground (French and Indian War system)
  • Price of Glory (WWI system)
  • Disposable Heroes/Coffin for Seven Brothers, "a complete WWII skirmish wargame system featuring both infantry and vehicles"
    • Urrah! WWII Soviet Supplement
    • Angriff! WWII German Supplement
    • Blood and Guts WWII U.S. Supplement
    • Go Forward Together WWII British Commonwealth Supplement
    • Red Sun Red Death WWII Pacific Theater supplement with Japanese, USMC, and Chinese
    • Futile Gallantry WWII Early War nations including France, Poland, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, and Belgium
    • Primera Battala Spanish Civil War Supplement
    • Mare Nostrum WWII Italian Supplement
  • Seek Out, Close With, and Destroy, modern expansion for DH/C7B
    • Long Road South Vietnam Supplement
  • Fields of Battle linked scenario books
    • Fields of Battle: Atacar es Vencer! SCW Scenario Book
    • Fields of Battle: Without Fortune WWII Arnhem Scenario Book
    • Fields of Battle: Berlin Race for the Reichstag WWII Fall of Berlin Scenario Book
  • Where Heroes Dare! stand-alone Pulp system
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