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Steven Schultheis (

Apparently someone in the Chicago area bought up all the molds from ISM, but after receiving them he discovered that many were pretty much worn out and wasn't quite sure what to do next. An employee of Emperor's Headquarters in Chicago told me this; he also told me the name of the purchaser but unfortunately I've forgotten both their names. It wasn't clear if the line was to continue under the ISM label or something else. Anyway, if you see a new microarmor line from somewhere in Illinois, it's probably derived from ISM's old stuff.

It's too bad ISM is gone, since they made some esoteric but useful stuff that nobody else did (especially for moderns).

Alex Webster (

Unfortunately I have not been able to contact InService Miniatures in some time, and I believe they are no longer in business. We (Webster Enterprises) do have some IsM miniatures in stock, but in limited quantities. We expect to have a listing on our website by early to mid May [1998].

We wrote to GHQ to see if we could confirm the rumors that InService Miniatures was involved in a dispute with GHQ Micromodels. This is the official statement from GHQ:

In the past, In-Service produced miniatures that had more than just a passing similarity with GHQ models. They were pirating them. We are uncertain about the current status of In-Service miniatures.

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