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Address5 Porthcawl Place
Oakwood, Derby
Phone(+44) 0 1332 678907
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"A brand new range of 28mm 'heroic' scale fantasy miniatures, designed for those who love individuality in their models. All Heresy miniatures are multi-part kits to a larger or lesser degree. Wherever possible and worthwhile (i.e., it's actually going to be useful to do so), they have a separate head or hands so that they can be easily converted to your liking.

"Heresy miniatures are designed by a converter for people who like to convert. Basically, whilst working in the wargames industry for the last few years, I have realised that no company makes the kind of miniatures that I wanted. The sort of thing I was searching for were generic fantasy models that were dynamic and exciting but still affordable, and that offered plenty of scope for me to lop off limbs or weapons and upgrade my character model as he or she progresses in the roleplay games I was doing.

"Some of you may know me as the former manager of Games Workshop's museum store, Warhammer World, and may have seen my articles in White Dwarf magazine. You may know that I love dramatic, dynamic models and it is this love that I have tried to convey into the models you'll see from me."

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