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No longer in business.

AddressLebanon, Ohio

Styrofoam buildings and terrain. "Terrakit uses High Quality 1 lb virgin EPS foam (White Foam) for all of our product lines. This is not the same type of foam you would find at a hardware store. Our foam does not break apart or shread like hardware store foam. The foam you get from a hardware is what is called Regrind. Regrind is recycled foam, using the scraps of virgin foam, grinding it up and reforming it. Regrind does not fuse together as cleanly or effectivly as Virgin foam. You can usually tell regrind because it has a rough surface."

None of the pieces are hand cut. "We use a TerraCad hot wire cutter. This allows us here at TerraKit to get percise corners and lines."

Available as:

  • Kits: "Kits are precut foam which you would need to glue together and paint yourself. The kits have full instructions and are easily put together."
  • Finished: "These are kits we put together and paint. Most finished pieces have a textured paint used on them which increases the weight and hides the fact that it is foam. It is also coated with a light spray of a fleck paint, such as FleckStone or Formbes."

The product line includes:

  • 1/285th/7mm micro - modern and science fiction
  • 10mm - generic
  • 15 mm - fantasy and modern
  • 25-30 mm - science fiction, fantasy, oriental, and modern
  • Miscellaneous - hexes, bridges, fences

Formerly known as TerraKit.

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