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"Offering a range of 15mm figures from Ancients right through to 1900. Freikorp15 was purchased by QRF Models Limited in December 2002. In 2008, the 28mm ranges were sold off to Blaze Away and Left Hand Miniatures. The Koenig Kreig rules are now owned and produced by Dragonfire."

Current ranges:

  • Romans
  • Carthaginians
  • Spanish
  • Parthians
  • 16th Century Japanese (Samurai)
  • Elizabeth's Irish Wars
  • English Civil War
  • ECW and 30 Years War
  • Medieval & Renaissance Turks
  • Renaissance
  • Tudor Wars
  • History of India (Moghuls, Maharattas and Sikhs)
  • Seven Years War
  • French and Indian Wars
  • 18th Century Artillery
  • American Revolution
  • Napoleonic Wars
  • 19th Century Europe (1850 to 1870, Austrian, Danish, French, Prussian, etc.)
  • 19th Century Artillery
  • History of Mexico (Texan, Maximillian, Great Paraguyan, US-Mexican and Seminole Wars)
  • American Civil War (including a vast range of field and siege guns)
  • Yellow Ribbon Indian Wars
  • Spanish American War
  • Commissary - an extensive range of generic items

"The science-fiction line has been transferred to QRF."

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