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The Flags for the Lads line of accessories for 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm wargames armies. There are nearly 500 sheets of flags in the range.

"All flags are printed on A5 paper, and are over-scale to match most figures. The number of flags per sheet varies depending on their size and or numbers per unit, the physical size of the flag, and the technology used to produce the sheet. The flags are laser-printed, so that colours should not run.

"They are grouped in such a way that all units that fought together are found on the same sheet. For example PF17 Peninsular French available as 15mm or 25mm contains 8 flags of the 3rd Division IV Corps under Marshal Ney. That is a flag for the 1st and 2nd battalions of the 32nd Light Infantry, 26th, 66th, and 82nd Line Infantry Regiments. Other sheets in the ranges are divided by Region like State in the American Civil War range."

Renaissance15mm, 20mm and 25mm scalesSamurai
American Revolutionary War15mm and 25mm scalesAmerican
Napoleonic15mm and 25mm scalesNapoleon in Russia
Borodino Russians
Austrians 1806-15
Peninsular French (Army of Portugal, 1810)
Peninsular British
Leipzig Prussians (1813)
American Civil War15mm and 25mm scalesUnion and Confederate
French Colonial20mm scaleFlags and banners designed for use with the B&B Miniatures "March or Die" range of 20mm scale figures.
Franco-Prussian War20mm scaleFlags and banners designed for use with the B&B Miniatures figures.
Russian Revolution20mm scaleFlags designed for use with the B&B Miniatures "October Revolt" range of 20mm scale figures
WWII20mm scaleFlags, road signs, and battlefield signs, including shop fronts, propaganda posters, and advertisements from the period.

Formerly owned by SFD Services Ltd.

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