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"DK Miniatures is our exciting range of 28-30mm fantasy figures. The sculpts and poses are dynamic and full of life, created by the very talented Mr Daniel Kelly. The range encompasses some well-known creations, from elves, halflings goblins and wizards... add to those the new designs like the dragonkin and what you have is a superb selection of beautiful miniatures, for the gamer, collector or painter, there is sure to be something to please everyone.

"Our resin terrain features are made from one of the best quality resins on the market. Most resin-casting groups use polyester resin for this type of product because it is very cheap - however, it is also brittle, it warps, is very toxic, and on top of all that, does not respond well to modification by modellers. So we have chosen to use a more expensive but ultimately far superior product called polyurethane resin. It's light, far less brittle and therefore less likely to shatter if dropped, it replicates the slightest details, and it will respond well to modellers making changes like adding battle damage or attaching other objects. Having said all that, we are still managing to keep prices competitive and are therefore offering a far superior product.

"Defence Grid is a system of defence walls, floor sections, weapons platforms etc. which, based on floor areas divisible by 5cm, are modular. They are designed to be placed next to each other in almost any combination, creating all manner of defence positions and industrial centres. There is also a selection of bunkers, static guns and other field positions - these are edged with gravel/mud effect texture so as to help them fit well with the more usual terrain. Though we call these field pieces, they still form part of the defence grid range as we use them as the first line of defence in front of the larger complexes.

"Level 2 takes gaming to the next level of gaming experience! It is essentially a system of gantries and walk ways supported on pillars, which allows players to play from two levels, giving a high ground area to the defender."

Vanguard Men-at-Arms line now produced by Miniature Service Center.

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