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Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU), one of the oldest companies in the game business, has resumed business. Not only does this mean that such roleplaying games as Aftermath, Bushido, and Daredevils are coming back onto the market, but also a few miniatures titles -- such as Space Marines, the miniatures rules for the Space Opera universe.

The Chivalry & Sorcery line of roleplaying products, however, is no longer part of the FGU lineup. Instead, a company called Britannia Game Designs has republished C&S - to include Bireme & Galley, a set of ancient naval miniature rules.

AddressP.O. Box 1082-D
Gilbert, AZ
Phone(602) 497-9554 [Waterloo Games]
Fax(208) 567-5152
ProductsA large number of roleplaying games, including miniatures supplements for those rules (such as Space Marines, for instance, a supplement in the Space Opera game series)
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