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AddressPO Box 439
Minster Lovell, Witney

"We are a couple of what is probably best described as, long term wargaming widows. Both our husbands seem to have had their lives largely dominated by a fascination for little toy soldiers for more years than we care to remember. After years of moaning about such things as metal filings on the floor, paint marks on the dining room table, and asking what we now know to be the stupid question 'What do you mean you just had to have the book – figures – vehicle – scenery – other' – (please insert as appropriate) we realised that enough was enough.

"With the old saying 'If you can’t beat them, join them' ringing in our ears we found ourselves also indulging in this exciting pastime by collecting and painting figures such as Samurai. Of course bringing up children, running a household, as well as holding down jobs does tend to fill one's day. However like all women we are born with the ability to multi task and so as one thing led to another, and spurred on by our husbands, we decided to put something back into the hobby by producing our own ranges of figures."

First range is 1879 Zulu Wars.

InternationalU.S. distributor: Age of Glory
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