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Address3842 Harlem Road
Suite 400 #127
Cheektowaga, NY

"We have a brand-new line of Arduin miniatures that has been building up for the last few years, and are continuing to add new miniatures to the line. A major line that Emperors Choice is working on is the 25-32mm Skelton line of figures. There are at least three different kinds of skeleton lines planned and being worked on to augment your Undead armies or Fantasy RPG!

"In addition to our miniature line, we have a whole series of books for the Arduin RPG game. Our flagship product is the biggest campaign book in the RPG industry - The World Book of Khaas, 821 pages of non-system world information."

Emperors Choice was briefly associated with Cybergames, but is operating separately again.

The old Grenadier Julie Guthrie figure lines were sold to Dark Ages Miniatures. Also owned the rights to the former Archive molds, which were also sold for the most part to Dark Ages Miniatures, the rights to some figures including the Arduin figures was retained by Emperors Choice. The Archive miniatures were purchased from Chessex many years ago.

"Emperors Choice is currently working on the World War II armored miniature game system called Crusade of Steel. It is specifically designed for 1:144 scale or 1:160 scale miniatures, but will be easily used with any scale. Initial offerings include KV-2 Russian turret conversion for World Tank Museum miniature KV-1 tank and soon to be released German anti-tank guns and recon vehicles."

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