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Formerly Yucca Miniatures

Address528 Old Sequoia Road
Chaparral, NM

15mm scale vehicles and troops for WWII.

  • Germany - Tanks, assault guns, armored cars, half-tracks, artillery, trucks and wagons, and motorcycles. Infantry includes summer and winter gear, plus Hitler Youth, paratroops, engineers, SS, and Volksturm.
  • Japan - Tanks, infantry, and a gun.
  • Soviet Union - Tanks, trucks, some artillery, cavalry, infantry (summer and winter gear).
  • United Kingdom - Transport vehicles, some tanks, anti-tank guns, infantry (including paratroops and glider troops).
  • United States - Tanks, armored cars, half-tracks, jeeps, and trucks. Infantry includes pre-1943 and post-1942; also engineers, sailors, and winter gear.
  • Yugoslavia - Chetnik and Serbian infantry.

"Originally founded in 1989 under the name of Yucca Miniatures, we produced a wide range of figures and vehicles from many different periods of time. Then in 1996 I decided to take some time off. I allowed the line to go dormant over several years. Then in late 1998 I felt the time was right to bring back this excellent range of figures but under a new company name Edwards and Co.

"I can now offer to you an excellent product at a very reasonable price. By cutting a lot of the frills and doing business direct to the public, I am able to offer you saving in the range of 40% off what other manufacturers and retailer's charge. I won't force you to buy 3 vehicles to a package like some manufacturers when you only want one."

Payment"Check, money order, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)"
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