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Sold in 2003 to Bicorne Miniatures.


The Connoisseur line of 25mm figures:

  • Renaissance
  • Napoleonics
  • American Civil War
  • 19th Century (Pony Wars, Colonial Wars)

"When painted up, these figures look really good and fit well with the Old Glory line, Elite, and Bicorne."

Peter Gilder was the original sculptor of Connoisseur Miniatures, and one of the leading miniature sculptors of his generation. He began in England and later moved to America. When he passed away, his wife and son took over. She eventually moved back to England, and his son had other interests, so the business was sold to 19th Century Miniatures, who later sold it to J&T, who sold it to Bicorne.

There are some figures in the Master molds that were never released by Peter Gilder, but were listed in his catalog and are now being produced. "19th Century Miniatures found about 10 Napoleonic Prussians that had not be released and put them into production. We have found more that were listed in the catalog but no production molds existed for them. These figures have been introduced into the line. Plus I am finding some variants in the Master molds, and will include these figures in the bags that they belong in. With this, I am also creating variants to add to the bags of figures."

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