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Address5405F Fitzhugh Bacon Drive
Williamsburg, VA
23188-1958, UNITED STATES
Phone(757) 229-1499

Publisher of the Foremost Flags line of historical flags. "They are drawn by me (American Civil War, American revolution, other American involvements, War of Spanish Succession, etc.) and my English partner (draws Napoleonic period and British Colonial). We swap files and I have and print all of our flags here in Virginia. They are laser printer an can be adjusted to any scale (30mm and below)."

  • Italian (Medieval)
  • German Knights (Medieval)
  • Burgundian (Renaissance)
  • Battle of Agincourt
  • Landsknecht (16th Century)
  • Samurai (16th and 17th Centuries)
  • Wars of the Roses
  • Nasby Field
  • Seven Years War Austrian
  • Seven Years War Hungarian
  • Seven Years War Prussian
  • Seven Years War Russian
  • American Revolution (British, Continental, Hessian, and naval)
  • Pirates
  • War of 1812
  • American Civil War (Union and Confederate)
  • British Napoleonic
  • Russian Napoleonic
  • Confederation of the Rhine Napoleonic
  • Brunswick Napoleonic
  • Prussian Napoleonic
  • Austrian Napoleonic
  • Hungarian Napoleonic
  • Portuguese Napoleonic
  • Spanish Napoleonic
  • Bavarian Napoleonic
  • Netherlands Napoleonic
  • Saxony Napoleonic
  • French Napoleonic
  • Italian Napoleonic
  • Duchy of Warsaw Napoleonic
  • Westphalian Napoleonic
  • Peninsula Campaign (Spanish, British, Portuguese)
  • French Revolution

We also provide metal poles and cast (Hinchliffe) tassels, French Eagles and Austrian Eagles with ribbons for use with 25mm to 30mm figures.

U.S. importer of Hinchliffe Miniatures and Museum Miniatures.


"Although we do not accept credit cards for payment, you may place your order by e-mail using the order blanks in the back of each catalog or by just sending a list of the number of each figure you would like to have. We will promptly send your order and send an invoice for the amount due."

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