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May be out of business.

AddressRoslagsgatan 22
S-113 55 Stockholm
PhoneSweden: +46-8-22 40 70
United Kingdom: +44-115-845 86 19
USA: +1-219-766 39 36
FaxSweden: +46-8-442 04 66
United Kingdom: +44-115-845 86 19
USA: +1-219-766 39 36

"Cell Entertainment was founded in 1997 by Stefan Ljungqvist and Johan Sj÷berg. Cell Entertainment develops, manufactures and markets commercial brands and products in the entertainment business with a focus on innovative games."

Products include

  • 1999, a miniatures game with an "...innovative genetical evolution system [that] allows you to enhance your warrior┤s abilities to suit your chosen strategy."
  • Hybrid, a "customizable miniatures game of brutal battles set in a world inhabited by monstrous races."
  • Krash, a collectible miniatures game. "Collect and equip your car with roaring turbo systems, caterpillars, rams, spikes and jet engines and launch into explosive duels using any plain surface or a custom designed tabletop."
  • LAB, a miniatures game "...that will turn you into a lunatic scientist scheming to conquer the world."
  • Ronin, a customizable miniatures game. "In Ronin you design your own unique battle armor and equip it with heavy turbo rocket launchers, jump packs and assault cannons of your choice."
  • Ronin: war, which adds "the possibility to fight larger skirmish battles and campaigns with complete armies."
  • and Nitro-brand tools and landscape accessories.
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