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  • A New Korean Crisis: Notional scenarios about the resumption of hostilities
  • Al-Fajar: 14 scenarios based on the second battle for Fallujah
  • Anthology of Armor - A supplement for Final Combat that provides 195 AFVs of WWII
  • Ardennes: Twelve scenarios based on great German offensive of 1944
  • Arracourt '44: The largest tank battle on the Western front
  • Bartered Bride: Rescue a crude oil ship from pirates
  • Beyond La Fièré: 22 squad to company level scenarios based on the combat west of the Merderet River during the early days of the Normandy Invasion
  • Chef-du-Pont: Skirmish scenarios that chronicle the 82nd Airborne Division's struggle to capture the bridge at Chef-du-Pont during D-day
  • Final Combat: Battle for Saipan – 24 skirmish scenarios based on fighting in Saipan
  • Final Combat: Battle of Arnhem – 75 skirmish scenarios that chronicle Market Garden
  • Final Combat: Ernst Barkmann – 13 skirmish scenarios that examine this famous tank commander
  • Final Combat: Little Stalingrad – 37 skirmish scenarios that tell the story of Canada's epic victory at the Adriatic seaport of Ortona
  • Final Combat: Operation Jupiter – 30 skirmish scenarios that chronicle the battle for Hill 112.
  • Final Combat: Rudi Brasche – Ten skirmish scenarios based on the experience of this Knight's Cross recipient
  • Final Combat: Unternehmen Lüttich – 50 skirmish scenarios that chronicle the battle of Mortain during August 1944
  • Final Combat: WWII skirmish rules for role-playing and miniatures
  • Final Combat - Victoria Cross: This UK tribute is based on the heroic deeds of 12 VC recipients
  • Flower of Our Youth: Vietnam War skirmish scenarios for Final Combat
  • Fulda Gap: Ten scenarios that chronicle a fictional campaign through West Germany
  • Hürtgen: 20 historical WWII scenarios based on first three months in the Hürtgen Forest
  • La Fièré: Twelve company level scenarios that chronicle the 82nd Airborne's action at the Manoir de la Fièré on June 6, 1944
  • Medal of Honor Volume 1: Skirmishes based on the exploits of 12 American heroes of WWII
  • Medal of Honor Volume 2: Twelve more MOH recipients are the subject of this book
  • Micro Melee: Battle of Prokhorovka – 13 company level scenarios south of Kursk
  • Micro Melee: Black Watch – 15 company level scenarios based on Operation Spring
  • Micro Melee: Boot Camp – Eight company level scenarios that introduce players to the Micro Melee gaming system
  • Micro Melee: Bourguébus Ridge – 16 company level scenarios based on Operation Goodwood
  • Micro Melee: Company level rules for WWII
  • Micro Melee: Modern Warfare – Company level rules for 6mm modern gaming
  • Operation Bagration: Soviet offensive of 1944
  • Operation Stryker Denial: Twelve scenarios based on the battle for Sadr City
  • Peleliu: Chronicles the experience of Marines on Peleliu
  • Rhodesian Bush War: Ten scenarios based on Rhodesian Civil War (1964-80)
  • Rising Sun: Operation Galvanic – Twelve company level scenarios that chronicle the 2nd Marine Division's struggle on the Tarawa Atoll island of Betio during November of 1943
  • Rising Sun: Operation Watchtower – Twelve company level scenarios that chronicle the U.S.M.C. experience on Guadalcanal from August through November 1942
  • Skirmish Scenarios: A collection of twelve WWII skirmishes from various theaters
  • SOF Warrior: Modern skirmish rules that emphasize special operations forces
  • Solitaire Soldiers: Ten scenarios designed to be played alone or cooperatively with a friend
  • Somewhere in Belgium: Role-playing adventure for Final Combat, set during the Ardennes Offensive in December 1944
  • Stealth Invasion: Ten scenarios based on 2014 civil war in Ukraine
  • Terror at Sea: Rescue hostages onboard a cruise ship
  • The Skirmish Collection: Award-winning scenarios by Steve Fliss
  • Tier One: Modern skirmish scenarios for SOF Warrior
  • Trench Raiders: Supplemental First World War Rules for Final Combat
  • WWII Skirmish Scenarios: A variety pack of different theaters
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