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Address2208 Dewberry Lane
Bryan, TX

Publisher of Beer and Pretzels Skirmish (20th Century). Formerly published Battles for Empire (a set of Napoleonic rules) and a scenario book.

"A few years ago, a friend of mine and I wrote a set of rules for the Napoleonic Wars, called Battles for Empire. People told us that since no one had heard of us, we might sell 300 copies. As it turns out, we sold well over 3000 in the U.S., England, and Canada. The book was glossy paper, color art (Keith Rocco) on the cover, and over 150 photographs inside. We also published a second book, Napoleonic Scenarios, with similar success.

"When my partner had a mid-life crisis (got divorced, remaried, quit the Army, moved twice, and dropped off the face of the earth), I was left with a bunch of debt and the company name."

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