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Address58 Woodside Circle
Torrington, Connecticut
06790-2238, UNITED STATES
Phone(860) 618-5014

Abandoned Mind Games

Miniature and RPG game mechanics and heroic-sized tabletop gaming miniatures, averaging 28-34 mm or 1/60 to 1/48 in scale, compatible with 25-34 mm miniatures and plastic click figures. Suitable for Gothic, Pulp, Victorian, Modern, SF, Fantasy RPG and Miniature Gaming.

Kung Fu Familyİ

Martial arts, dysfunctionalism and over-the-edge supernatural mayhem collide in this comic book illustrated supplement and miniature set.

Sculpting Service, original greens for production.

Products Under Construction


Rule System, a generic set of game mechanics for 25-34 mm scale Role Playing, and skirmish-level, Miniature Gaming.


The supplement that adds game mechanics for gaming heroic and super-being archetypes with the HeroSaga basic rules.


The original fantasy world campaign setting, where the musket is the cutting edge of technology and not always victorious over the sword and spell. A world where the growing knowledge of men reveals divine secrets, and powerful rulers challenge the gods for control of destiny.

Heroes of Fortuneİ

An interpretation of mythological, legendary and fictional adventurers and their exploits. Heroes of Fortune will include specific character descriptions, timelines and other background material.


Rules supplement and setting for surviving in the near apocalyptic future, where areas of the Earth lie devastated due to the machinations of the warmongers and the power hungry who maintain their luxury and power.

Star Operaİ

Game mechanics, settings and adventures for futuristic cultures, technology and alien contact.

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