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Address55 Golden Riddy
Linslade, Leighton Buzzard, Beds.
Phone01525 374284

Manufacturer of the following miniature lines:

  • 10mm scale
    • Caesarian Roman
    • Early Imperial Romans
    • Early Germans
    • Parthians
    • Numidians
    • Sumerians
    • Zulu Wars
  • 25mm scale
    • Prehistoric Settlement
    • Greek Mythology
    • Gladiators
    • Jousting
    • Arabian Nights
    • Mongol Conquests
    • Zulu Wars
    • Prohibition Wars
    • General Purpose
  • 28mm scale
    • Napoleonics
      • French 1812-1815
      • Russian 1812-1815
      • Westphalian Napoleonic
      • Naval
    • American Civil War
    • Saxon
  • 42mm scale
    • Aztecs and their enemies
    • Samurai
    • Three Musketeers

Publisher of rules for the above ranges:

  • Prehistoric Settlement for Prehistoric age simulation games
    • Savage Seas Supplement 1 for Prehistoric Settlement
    • Out of the Wilderness Suplement 2 for Prehistoric Settlement
  • Death or Freedom rules for Gladiatorial combats in ancient Rome
  • The Bootleggers for Gangster adventures
  • The Ultimate Skirmish Game rules for Skirmish games using 25mm or 42mm miniatures for skirmish and adventure games from the Prehistoric age right through to the Napoleonic Wars

Building Ranges include:

  • 25mm scale
    • Ancient Buildings
    • European Buildings
    • African Buildings
  • 15mm scale
    • Ancient Buildings
    • Biblical Buildings
    • Spanish Buildings
    • World War II
    • General Purpose

The following ranges have been discontinued:

  • 1/300th scale buildings - all ranges
  • 1/200th scale - A.C.W.
  • AF3 - 25mm African Tembe
CatalogPrice lists are free and available on request.
PaymentAccepts credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, JCB, and Maestro). Also International Money Orders, Cheques Drawn on a U.K bank; both payable in £ Sterling and made out to Steve Barber Models. Also accepts PayPal
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