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"Parroom Station Miniatures offers the Valor & Steel & Flesh battle-game rules, as well as several lines of miniatures.

"Of Mars and Martians: Drawn from the skirmishes, battles, and escapades on the Red Planet frontier, notably from actions in, around, and conceived in the ethyr port and cauldron of international and interplanetary intrigue known as Parroom Station. You'll find Cephalids, City Dwellers, Critters, Germ Plasm Hybrids, Renegades of Mars, and the Zonn.

"Victorian Science Fiction: A line drawn from Victorian (Science) Fiction in general and modern re-imaginings of a Victorian era where steam power and mad science are the order of the day. You'll find Extarordinary Personages, VSF Troopers, and Steam Technology.

"Victoriana: Originally an extension of our VSF lines, these are Victorian-era troops and officers, all historically styled and equipped - but still very suitable for VSF employment. You'll find Americans, Japanese, Prussians, and Russians.

"Heroes of Nippon: A classic line of samurai and other Japanese-style adventurers for adventures in Feudal Japan.

And from Parroom Enterprises:

"Skyrunners: Martian Aerial Race System is a racing game based on the traditional Dethkatilleen races held in most Martian City States that uses dice and cards to recreate the excitement of a Martian race day. Rules, scudder flying boats and crews, float buoys,pylons, and card decks are available."

Figures formerly manufactured and distributed by Brigade Games.

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