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No longer active due to death of proprietor. 28mm molds acquired by Badger Games.

Argyll & Bute
  • Rules
    • Glutter of Ravens - Warfare in the Age of Arthur (rules and resources for the period AD400-700)
    • Great Captain - The Art of Warfare in Miniature (generic rules from Ancients through to 18th Century)
  • 1/3600
    • Ancients - ships
  • 1/1200
    • Medieval - Cogs and Galleys for 100 Years War
  • 15mm
    • Ancients
      • Avars
      • Burmese
      • Khmer
      • Macedonians
      • Parthians
      • Republican Rome (includes gladiators)
      • Late Roman
      • Slavs
      • Sui and Tang Chinese
    • Medieval
      • Romano/British
      • Early Saxons
      • Early Franks
      • Picts
      • Central Asiatic Turks
      • Hindu and Tamil Indians
      • Crusade period Islamics
      • First Crusade Crusaders
      • Late Crusade Crusaders
      • pre-Samurai Japanese
      • Ching/Jurchen Chinese
    • 19th Century
      • Franco-Prussian War
      • South Pacific (Ten Cents) War - Peru and Bolivia versus Chile
    • WWII (Polish)
  • 25mm
    • Ancients
      • Peloponnesian Wars (Spartans & Athenians)
  • 28mm
    • Age of Arthur - Germanic tribes, Romano-British
    • Meso-America - Aztecs, Tlaxcallans, Huaxtecs, Tarascans, Inca, Mayans and Conquistadors
    • Border Reivers
    • Highwayman Range (reworked) - "This is set in 17/18th Century England relating to robbery on the English Highway (Dick Turpin being the most infamous robber) and footpads for street robbery (old-fashioned mugging!). The new range consists of eight individual Highwaymen in foot and mounted poses giving 16 variants, with various weapons and dress; plus two masked footpads. To accompany them, there are numerous 'victims' and 'Thiefcatchers' (Dragoons, Bow Street Runners and Militia). Many of the figures can also be used for other genres."
    • Peninsular Napoleonic - British and French foot
    • Russo-Turkish War 1877-92 - Turkish, Russians and Bulgarians (so far)
    • Mexican Revolution (1910-1920; Federales, Rurales, Villistas and US Troopers)
    • WWII - Romanian (a commissioned range)
  • Painting Guides - "The painting guides are books with a brief history of the conflict they refer to, followed by every regiment, both sides,that took part in it, with how they were dressed and a colour 'side on' drawing in precise detail. These books are the definitive guide to correctly painting your armies."
    • Armies of Medieval Burma, AD700-1300
    • French and Indian War
    • Spanish Napoleonic
    • Mexican-American War
    • Franco-Prussian War (3 volumes)

"We also stock:

These ranges have been discontinued:

  • 15mm scale
    • Ancients (Carthage, Greeks, Persia)
    • English Civil War
    • Napoleonics
    • American Civil War
  • Army Lists - "The army lists on an A4 card...We commisioned these to complment our Korean War range, but many others are available."
  • 15mm/25mm Flags
    • American Revolution
    • American Civil War
    • French Lace Wars
    • Napoleonics

The 20mm Korean War range has been passed to another company (no details at present).

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