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  • Mein Panzer Core Rules, 1 vehicle: 1 vehicle scale, platoon-to-company level combined-arms game. This covers 20th and 21st century warfare from World War I through Operation Iraqi Freedom. Additional books are accessories for the game are:
    • Mein Panzer Battlecards (random events cards to spice up the game available in PDF only)
    • Mein Panzer Junior (kids version of the rules and free)
    • World War I Data Book
    • Spanish Civil War Data Book
    • World War II Data Book
    • World War II Secret Weapons Book
    • Korean War Data Book
  • General Quarters III Lonnie Gill's updated rules for GQ I and GQ II
    • The Solomons Campaign
    • Sudden Storm Operation Orange War Plans for 1937 Pacific operations. This is a campaign book that can be played with GQIII or any other Naval War game rules. Pre-Aircraft Carrier, this is where the "BIG BOYS" like battleships and cruisers duke it out!
    • Fleet Action Imminent General Quarters World War I-style.
      • WWI Navies Supplement- (available in PDF only)
    • Post Captain GQ for Age of Sail
    The following is available in PDF format only
    • Deluxe Ship Logs: The Royal Navy
    • Deluxe Ship Logs: German, Polish & Norwegian navies
    • Deluxe Ship Logs: Regia Marina (the Italian Navy)
    • Deluxe Ship Logs: Japanese Navy
    • Deluxe Ship Logs: US Navy (1941-43)
    • Deluxe Ship Logs: US Navy (1943-45)
    • Deluxe Ship Logs: US Atlantic Navy
    • Deluxe Ship Logs: French Navy
    • GQ3 Royal Netherlands Navy Supplement
  • American BattleLines. American Revolutionary War through the American Civil War.
    • American BattleLines Scenario Pack 1 ACW scenario book
    • BattleCards for BattleLines Deck #1 (available in PDF only)
  • Mein Zombie Core Rules A flexible and expandable 1:1 rule system for recreating the massive Zombie infection.


  • General Quarters Turn Gauge Blue acrylic gaming aid to help turn warships
  • General Quarters Half-size Turn Gauges Same as above only half the size
  • Clear Acrylic Ship Bases w/ etched wakes (various sizes) These beautiful bases allow you to mount your ship and view the "blue sea" below. There are two designs one for Sailing ships and one for Powered ships.
  • Deviation Dice 6-sided dice with numbers, arrows, and an "X" on the 6 for artillery and wind deviation. Can be used in any game system requiring random direction and speed.

No longer in production

  • BattleLine Miniatures
  • Tiny Terrain - Buildings, battlefield fortifications, and variety of things to cover your field of play. 6mm and 10mm scales; American Revolutionary War through Modern.
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