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AddressP.O. Box 66
Jonesboro, IN
Phone(765) 677-9388
Fax(765) 677-1451

Resin 25-28mm scale figures:

  • fantasy (Dwarves, Elementals, Goblins, Treemen, Trolls, Undead, various monsters - including carnivorous rabbits)
  • science fiction (aliens)
  • scenics (doors, barrels, skulls, gothic wall sections)

These models "...are made from durable polyurethane resins which are a type of plastic. They have the look and feel of injected polystyrene with more detail. They are not the smelly brittle polyester resin that most of you have have experienced with other resin companies."

No longer produces:

  • science fiction "floor tiles"
  • spaceships
  • 6mm science fiction
  • ACW figures
  • resin versions (under license) of Ral Partha figures

"We retained all the molds to everything we used to make, with the exception of the ACW Civil War line and the old Ral Partha plastic conversions. Whether or not we bring these items back is pretty much up to you. We tend to work on what we have the most requests for."

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