Falcon Figures

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  • 1/600
    • Resin ships (ancient)
  • 10mm
    • WW2 (Russian Cossacks, Yugoslav Partizans and Italian Fascists)
  • 15mm
    • Ancients (Sumerian,Akkadian, Skythian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Urartu, New Kingdom Egypt, Hittites, Mittanni, Nubians, Sea Peoples, Midianite Arabs, Blemmye, Illyrians, Picts, Macedonians)
    • Mediaeval/Renaissance - Normans, Scots, Bretons, Burmese, Javanese, Malay, Indonesian, Mongols, Tuaregs, Saracens, Berbers, Aztecs, Tlaxcallans, Teutonics, Hussites, Poles, Ottoman Turks, Wars of the Roses English, French Ordonance, Lansneckts, Italian Wars
    • 17th/18th Cent. (colonial Portugese, South East Asian; 1780's Russo-Swedish Wars; Ottoman Turks, French, British, Spanish, Portugese, Russian, Swedish, Polish, War of 1812)
    • Napoleonics
    • ACW
  • 25mm
    • ACW
    • Napoleonics (Russian, Bavarian, Wellington in India, Saxon, Dutch, British, Brunswick)

Also a source for Kelly's Heroes 20mm WWII figures.

Falcon Figures' product line was produced and distributed by Chariot Miniatures until 2004.

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