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Celtos - 28mm Celtic Fantasy featuring over 250 models in five races, plus rules

Great War models - a comprehensive range of 28mm Belgian models from 1914, including infantry, cavalry and even dog carts!

Aeronef - 1:1200th scale Victorian Science Fiction flying battleships to complement Wessex Games' rules. Over 150 models in 17 fleets, plus merchant ships and fixed-wing aircraft.

Land Ironclads - 1:1200th scale VSF land units including giant steam landships and tiny scurrying tanks. For Wessex Games' rules, battles can also be fought in conjunction with Aeronef.

Starships - 140 1:3000th scale models in nine fleets, including two alien fleets plus merchant ships. We also stock Majestic 12's Starmada rules with a special edition featuring our models.

6mm Science Fiction - almost 200 detailed 6mm models in eight armies from Wessex Games' Iron Cow background, plus Cimexian bug aliens. We also stock Future War Commander rules, which have stats for our models.

15mm Science Fiction - a range of 50 15mm SF models scaled up from the Iron Cow 6mm range.

Iron Stars - a small range of 1:1200th aether starships for Majestic 12 Games' rules.

Accessories - a comprehensive range of dice, flying stands and bases for all of our ranges.

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"We have a full shopping cart system on our website that accepts payments via credit or debit cards, or PayPal (credit cards are processed via PayPal but you do not need a PayPal account). Alternatively, you can send orders by post with your credit card details or a cheque."

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