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Hobby Publication
8¼" x 11¾"; 50 pages
Every three months
€28.00 EUR Europe
€36.00 EUR North America, Asia and Africa
€38.00 EUR Australia and New Zealand
Lorenzo Sartori

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Dadi&Piombo (Dice & Lead) is the first Italian wargames magazine, established in 2000. From issue #22 (Summer 2005), the magazine has been bi-lingual, with the addition of full English text. This choice opened the magazine to a wider market, and it now has a worldwide readership. (By the way, D&P has kept its focus on the Italian gaming community, and reserves a particular interest for the rich history of Italy.)

The magazine has around 50 glossy pages, and since issue 29 (Spring 2007), it is full colour.

Dadi&Piombo is not only a magazine, but also a fully fledged wargames project. This includes:

  1. a portal, Dadi&Piombo Online (, available also in English, with an updated international calendar, hundreds of links, and the most frequented Italian forum.
  2. a miniature line, D&P Minis, mainly dedicated to ultramodern figures.
  3. a show, DADI.COM (, Italy and Southern Europe's foremost wargame convention (attendance in 2006: around 7,000).
  4. Free sets of rules. Apart those published in the magazine, D&P publishes free-to-download wargames rulesets such as: Basic Impetus ( for the ancient-medieval-renaissance periods, and Breaking News ( for the Ultramodern period.

The publishing of Impetus (the rulebook) and its supporting booklets will be the next step.

A sample issue of the magazine (€8.00 EUR Europe, and €9.00 EUR elsewhere) can be ordered via PayPal at