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6mm Miniatures
"6mm or 1/285th or 1/300th Scale Miniatures are a good alternative to larger wargaming scales when you are short of space. The List's purpose is to keep gamers informed of new releases, new companies in the market, painting and detailing tips. The 6mm List can also be used for the selling or trading of 6mm miniatures."
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For the discussion of and exchange of ideas on solo wargames of any description. For the support of full and part time solo wargamers. Any form of wargame is welcome, miniatures, board, computer, role play etc.
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Min-Painting Mailing List
"This list is for discussing and talking about the painting of miniatures. Asking for advice, handing out advice, discussing painting techniques, painting materials, miniatures suppliers, anything related to the painting of those little things we love."
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The Fractal Mapper v1.02f
NBOS is providing the older version of this software for free to the gaming community. 16 bit, requires Windows 3.x or higher. While the interfaces and functionality of the program is a bit dated and clunky at times, it is still useful for making campaign maps and other purposes.
Dr. Philippe Marquis' Graph Paper Printer
Graph Paper Printer is a freeware application designed to print custom graph paper in any sizes and colors. It requires Windows 95/98 or NT4. The printer resolution must be at least 600 dpi for high quality documents.

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