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  • Devin Scheirman's Calgars Homecoming - Gallery for 40K Imperial Guard army: "Two hundred years after the Ultramarines saved their world from a dreadful chaos incursion, M. Calgar Highschool (home of the Ogres) was dedicated to the hero of the imperium: Marneus Calgar. Years later, the world was attacked again, this time during homecoming. With no one to save them, the Ogres took up the fight themselves. They could not save their planet, but did manage to escape. Now on permanent Away Game, the mighty Ogres travel the universe fighting the good fight and keeping school spirit high!"
  • Liliana Troy's Fellshadow Studio - Gallery of figures painted by Liliana Troy.
  • Andy Cowell's Miniatures Gallery - Pictures of Andy's collection - Fantasy, Ancients, Modern Africa, and Science Fiction.
  • Björn Floderus' Normans of Stockholm - Painting projects, old and new. "In the beginning it was only a Norman Warmaster (in 28mm) army, but today it's everything from Macedonians and Persians to ACW and WWII. Both 28mm and 15mm."
  • Kevin Michael Dallimore's Special Forces - Website provides a picture gallery of figures painted by Kevin Dallimore.
  • Sintricat's Worlds in Miniature - Gallery of painted miniatures and vignettes from a variety of lines including Games Workshop, i-kore, Reaper, Rackham, and Target.

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