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  • David Bibby's David Bibby's Photo Galleries - Fantasy miniatures galleries.
  • Felix Fernandez's Elf's Corner - Personal site with miniatures gallery.
  • Liliana Troy's Fellshadow Studio - Gallery of figures painted by Liliana Troy.
  • Inge Mygind Jensen's Jenova Project Galleries - Figures from i-Kore, GW, Rackham, Reaper, Foundry, and others.
  • Andy Cowell's Miniatures Gallery - Pictures of Andy's collection - Fantasy, Ancients, Modern Africa, and Science Fiction.
  • Björn Floderus' Normans of Stockholm - Painting projects, old and new. "In the beginning it was only a Norman Warmaster (in 28mm) army, but today it's everything from Macedonians and Persians to ACW and WWII. Both 28mm and 15mm."
  • Kevin Michael Dallimore's Special Forces - Website provides a picture gallery of figures painted by Kevin Dallimore.
  • Sintricat's Worlds in Miniature - Gallery of painted miniatures and vignettes from a variety of lines including Games Workshop, i-kore, Reaper, Rackham, and Target.

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