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Set in the VOID game universe, for use with those wargaming rules.

Product Series

JunkersGrim authoritarian faction in the VOID gaming universe.
KoralonIn the Void game universe, a hierarchical alien civilization with a mastery of coraline biotechnology.
SynthaBiotechnically advanced faction in the VOID gaming universe.
VASAPolice force and intermediary in the VOID gaming universe.
VOID MiscellaneousItems from the VOID gaming universe, but not particular to a specific faction.
ViridianUltra-Capitalist faction in the VOID gaming universe.


SF AccessoriesParts intended for use with other figures or models.
SF Army SetsPackage deal usually designed to provide a complete army, or at least the "starter set" for one.
SF BeastsAlien or strange animals.
SF CavalryTroops trained to fight while mounted.
SF InfantryThose troops which do their fighting "on foot."
SF VehiclesMobile war machines of all types.

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