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Here lies Frequently Asked Questions (and some answers) regarding this website.

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Supporting Membership

How can I tell if someone is a Supporting Member of TMP?
Usually, you know they are a Supporting Member when you see the blue logo after their membername:
The blue logo indicates which of these people are Supporting Members
Why does TMP have a paid membership level?
Membership fees are used to help operate the website, and to pay the expenses of our full-time webmaster (me).
So you want me to pay you, so that you can continue your extravagant lifestyle?
Well, yes. For example, here is my mansion...
OK, I'm only kidding about the mansion...
...and my expensive car...
Not really my car...
Go ahead, talk me into becoming a Supporting Member...
You should become a Supporting Member if you love TMP and want to see it continue.
What do I get for being a Supporting Member?
Mostly, you get the satisfaction of knowing you've helped out TMP. You can post sales notices on the Market Boards, and can participate in Lounge discussions (a special Supporting Members-only forum). You will also be able to send Personal Messages to other Supporting Members.
OK - where do I sign up?
Go here.
I tried it and didn't like it. Can I cancel and get a refund?
Yes. You will receive a refund of the unused portion of your membership.
I bought a year's membership, and I want to give a month's worth to my friend. Can I do that?
Yes, you can transfer member credit from your account to any other member - just let me know.
What happens to my paid membership if I die?
You might want to arrange with a wargaming friend ahead of time to notify me with instructions about where to transfer your remaining credit.

The Lounge

How do I know this Lounge really exists?
Become a Supporting Member (you can sign up for as little as a month), then check under Forums on our homepage - and you'll see the link.
What do people talk about in the Lounge?
It's a friendly place with lots of good-natured joking around.
Do the regular forum rules apply to the Lounge?
Yes - including keeping politics and religion to their own boards.