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Here lies Frequently Asked Questions (and some answers) regarding this website.

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Elmer's Xtreme School Glue Stick

Is there finally a gluestick worth buying for paper modelers?

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One 3D Model, Many Bases?

unknown member wonders why create different 3D models, if you can create one that can be customized?

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Personal Messages (PMs)

What is a PM?
A PM is a message sent between members of TMP.
Who can send a PM?
Sending PM's is a perk of the Supporting Members.
Are there any exceptions?
Yes - any TMP member can send a PM to the unknown member (and vice versa).
I'm not a Supporting Member, but I need to send a PM.
You could buy a one-month Supporting Membership (it costs very little)...
But I can't afford it.
Send me the info, then, and I'll forward it for you.
How do I know if I have any PMs?
It will say at the top-left corner of the homepage.
How do I send a PM?
On each member's Profile page, there is a button to send them a PM. Also, on the forums, you can use the "P" button to send a PM to the author of any post.
But I don't see a button.
Are you a Supporting Member?
I still don't see a button.
Is the member a Supporting Member? In general, you can only send PMs to other Supporting Members.
But they are a Supporting Member.
In that case, the member must have chosen not to receive PMs from other members. Sorry.
Can I quote from a PM here on the forums, or anywhere else?
Please don't without permission of the original author.
But it's really important.
You can ask unknown member to make an exception in your case.
Someone sent me a mean PM. Can I file a complaint?
Generally, the best thing to do with a "nastygram" is to simply delete it.
But it's a really mean PM.
If you really insist, I'll take a look at it. If someone is making a habit of sending obscene or threatening Personal Messages, their PM privileges may be revoked.
Someone keeps sending me unwanted PMs.
Send them a polite PM asking them to stop.
Someone told me to stop PMing them, but I really want to talk to them.
Sorry - if they've asked you not to contact them, then leave them alone.
Can I send someone a provocative, insulting PM, and end by telling them never to reply?
No, that is just dumb. If you do that, as far as we are concerned, they can ignore your request and reply anyway.