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Here lies Frequently Asked Questions (and some answers) regarding this website.

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What is an Ignore?
An ignore is when another TMP member has chosen to block your forum topics from appearing on his homepage.
Can I find out if someone has Ignored me?
Can I find out who did this to me?
Should I be concerned?

Ignoring Others

This guy is driving me nuts! I never want to read another one of his topics!!!
Well, then - in the forums, click on his membername to go to his Profile page...
Click on his membername
...scroll down until you see the "Ignore" button, and press it.
Press the Ignore button
If you've done it right (and how can you mess it up?), the ignored member's name will turn grey...
Name turns grey when ignored
...and his topics will disappear from your homepage (when you are logged in).
OK - now I've ignored so many people, I can't remember them all.
You can see the list of who you have ignored by going to your own Profile page.
Sample ignore list
Now I regret this. I really want to know what he is posting about.
OK, click on his membername again to go to his Profile page...
Got to see what he is posting!
and click the "Unignore" button.
Press the unignore button
Who is the most-ignored person on TMP?
We do not give out that information.
Can I Ignore the moderators?
Yes... but that also has the effect of Locking your account! grin