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22 September 2014

Welcoming NAVCON!

TMP proudly welcomes NAVCON as a new advertiser.


"NAVCON started in the nineties, and has grown into new larger facilities and has now become the largest naval gaming convention in the Midwest (and perhaps the country and the world)," writes Rich Durand. "It has also grown from a one-day affair to a full weekend, attended by naval gamers from all over. Events are primarily miniatures, featuring Fletcher Pratt games on the floor, but other types of games, such as boardgames and computer games are included as long as they involve naval warfare. Efforts are always made to include naval games of all periods, from Ancients to Modern.


"Anyone who enjoys naval gaming owes it to themselves to look into NAVCON."

15 September 2014

Welcoming Laser Craft Art!

Please join me in welcoming Laser Craft Art as our latest TMP advertiser!

15mm WWII building

"Laser Craft Art is a new U.K. company," writes LaserCraftArt Sponsoring Member of TMP, "set up to produce wargame buildings and accessories using laser technology.

"Our aim is to bring ranges and models in scales not covered by other manufactures, such as 15mm and 10mm.

Adobe building

"Our opening ranges are MDF bases and North African adobe-style buildings in 10mm and 15mm, with 28mm versions in the very near future.

15mm WWII buildings

"Keep checking our website at for the latest models, and look out for our TMP announcements. Future ranges will be WWI and WWII buildings and accessories, Roman and Greek buildings and fortifications."

10 September 2014

Welcoming Sabresquadron!

Please join me in welcoming Sabresquadron as our latest TMP advertiser!

"Sabresquadron is a new venture aiming to provide easily playable rules for modern warfare," writes Sabresquadron Sponsoring Member of TMP. "The rules will cover the period from the start of the Cold War up to the present day, and will also be good for the very near future. The emphasis is on major factors:

Speed of manoeuvre, speed of communications, and speed of decision-making
If it can be seen, it can be killed, but being seen doesn't mean it has to be hit
Minor advantages can be significant, but one shouldn’t get bogged down with details
Training and leadership are vital if any weapons are to be used effectively.
Defenders will fire first, but a static defense can be found and destroyed.

"We are adopting streamlined mechanisms, using only one type of die with consistent scores to achieve success, and an optimum set of modifiers. The result is that, with a little playing experience, players will rarely need to consult the Quick Reference Sheet, let alone the main rules.

Rapid Deployment

"The initial release is a free starter set, available by emailing See our website for more details."

2 September 2014

Painting Services Directory Updated

We have the new phone number for Heavy Horse Painting Service.