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9 August 2016

One More Time

As you know, we were previously able to raise over $1,000 USD to help Personal logo Editor Gwen The Editor of TMP's family with the cost of a cancer operation.

Brother-in-law in hospital

The money that was raised has been sent to the Philippines. Combined with the family's money, plus grants from two charities and the local community, and a Philippine Health payment, this has been enough to pay the surgeon. However, the brother-in-law cannot leave the hospital until he pays his hospital bill in full, and that requires another $400 USD approximately.

If you can help, please do so. Let's get this fellow home with his family again. Thank you!


Thank you again! We have reached our fundraising goal, and money is already being advanced to the family.

4 August 2016

Welcoming MSD Games!

Please join me in welcoming MSD Games as our latest advertiser!

Luftwaffe 1946 logo

"MSD Games, LLC has joined the family of TMP advertisers," writes Swarmaster1 Sponsoring Member of TMP. "MSD Games manufactures its products in the USA, selling via the internet and retail shops. Current product lines include Luftwaffe 1946 Miniatures (1:300th historical and what-if aircraft from 1930 to the present day), Fight for the Skies air-to-air rules and supplements, Kryomek science fiction (28mm scale figures, buildings, vehicles and rules), Macho Women with Guns (25-28mm scale Heroines and Bad Guys), and Frontlines rules for miniatures. We also distribute Blue Sky decals and rules and Dom's Decals in the USA. All miniatures are cast in lead-free pewter.

Luftwaffe 1946 model

"I am chief caster, mold maker, cook and bottle-washer, and a SIMTAC veteran. Over 45 years of gaming with miniatures and 30-plus years of convention vendor experience are focused on providing great miniatures at good prices, with extraordinary service. New products are constantly being released, so watch for frequent announcements in Hobby News. MSD Games welcomes suggestions for new aircraft and campaign theaters, so visit our website and drop us a line if you donít find what you were looking for. With over 400 aircraft currently in production, youíll probably find what you are looking for."

Luftwaffe 1946 logo