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20 October 2014

Welcoming Cigar Box Battle Mats!

Please join me in welcoming Cigar Box Battle Mats as our latest TMP advertiser!

Cigar Box Battle Mats

"Cigar Box Battle Mats invites you to try out the newest and quickest way to have a wide variety of battlefields at your disposal!" writes Chris Ward. "Cigar Box Battle Mats are high quality battlefields produced on durable, washable fleece. They fold to a compact, easy-to-store size and are lightweight and portable. Plus, when you want to play they just unfold and quickly drape over a table, floor, or custom landscape!

"YOUR BATTLES ARE SET UP IN SECONDS! And, you can have multiple options ready to go at a moment's notice. No clumsy four-foot-long tube needed for storage.

"If you are looking for that detail that will take your battles to a whole other level visually, Cigar Box Battle Mats are your answer.

Cigar Box Battle Mats

"THESE BATTLE MATS DO NOT HAVE TO USE A FLAT SURFACE! That's right, you can build hills and undulating terrain under them!

"A variety of battle mat sizes, climates and locations are available, and we have designs that support scales of 28mm, 25mm, 20mm, 15mm and 10mm wargaming! We also offer a variety of designs that support gamers who want little or no specific terrain and are just interested in a climate, or for those who want all of the work done for them, completely finished designs that are all laid out (roads, rivers, trees, etc.) and ready to go!


8 October 2014

Welcoming Skull and Crown Stratagems!

Please join me in welcoming Skull and Crown Stratagems as our latest TMP advertiser!

"My wooden soldiers are laser cut and etched birch plywood kits," writes Personal logo Skull and Crown Sponsoring Member of TMP, "measuring 80mm tall for infantry and 120mm for cavalry. They assemble easily with wood glue, and can be painted with any acrylic paint or even felt pens. The miniatures are styled to appeal to both a younger crowd (and make great parent-child projects), as well as wargamers and collectors – with an eye towards detail and easy customization, and can be used for any game system. Wooden Wars wooden soldiers are very sturdy, and are designed to be the family heirlooms of tomorrow!"

Wooden Wars
Harkening back to the days of H.G. Wells, Wooden Wars is a visual and visceral action-battle game, where tactics, good hand-eye coordination (and a bit of luck) are key! Players command armies of sturdy wooden soldiers against each other, using the floor as the battlefield. Victory is achieved by knocking over all the opposing side’s forces by firing upon them with a rubber ball or capturing key objectives, like the enemy’s flag or a star fort made of wood blocks.

"The current Wooden Wars ranges come in two different flavors: Napoleonic (British and French) and Queen Victoria’s Robot Wars (Robots and Humans). With strategy, tactics and rubber balls bouncing around with the accuracy of black-powder musket fire, Wooden Wars is bringing war back to the floor!

Queen Victoria’s Robot Wars

"Miniatures, rules and game accessories are all available at our web store:"