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"The Martians We Feared, But the Prussians We Hated"

by Chris Palmer






15 turns


Eight - 2 British, 1 French, 1 Besieging Martian, 2 Martian Relief Column, 2 Prussians


Units are presented for use with GASLIGHT, but can easily be converted to other rules.

SH = Shoot
SC = Scuffle
SV = Save
SPD = Speed
ST = Start
SU = Sustain
SPN = Spin


Commander - Major Poulet
[Pistol] (Hero, SH-15, SC-12, SV-15)
1 Basic Unit Foreign Legion
Captain, [Pistol], Adventurer, SH-12, SC-12, SV-13; Sgt, [Bolt Action Rifle], Leader, SH-9, SC-11, SV-10; Extras [Bolt Action Rifle], SH-9, SC-9
1 Basic Unit Armed Civilians
Captain, [Bolt Action Rifle], Leader, SH–10, SC–12, SV-9; Extras [Bolt Action Rifle] SH-8, SC-7
1 Disabled Landship
Engine destroyed but gun still works. Crew: Lieut., [Pistol], Adventurer, SH-13, SC–12, SV–14, and 3 Extras, [No Weapon], SH-9, SC-7; Landship: [Medium Rifled Cannon] SV–13, SPD–N/A, ST–N/A, SU–N/A, SPN–N/A

Besieging Martians

Commander - Prince Warg'amr
Adventurer, SH-10, SC-13, SV–11
1 Basic Unit Prince's Guard
Captain, Leader, SH–9, SC-11, SV–13; Sgt, Leader, SH–10, SC–8, SV–11; Extras SH-8, SC–9
1 Basic Unit Martian Light Foot
Captain, Leader, SH-8, SC–11, SV–11; Sgt., Veteran, SH–7, SC-9, SV–10; Extras SH-8, SC–9
2 Martian Guns
Each: Heavy Rifled Muzzleloader; Crew – Lieut., Leader, SH-11, SC–9, SV-9, and 3 Extras SH-8, SC-6

Prussian Column

Commander - Colonel von Noughluck
[Pistol] Adventurer, SH-12, SC–12, SV–13
Col. Edelweiss, Unattached Main Character
[Pistol] Hero, SH-16, SC-16, SV-17
1 Basic Unit Prussian Infantry
Captain, [Pistol], Leader, SH-9, SC-12, SV–9; Sgt., [Bolt Action Rifle], Leader, SH–11, SC–8, SV–10; Extras, [Bolt Action Rifle], SH-9, SC-8
3 Basic Units Martian Levies
Each: Captain, [Pistol], Leader, SH–9, SC–10, SV–11; Sgt, Veteran, SC-7, SC-8, SV–8; Extras, SH-7, SC-7
Imperial Landship
Crew: Lieut., [Pistol], Adventurer, SH-12, SC–13, SV–15, and 3 Extras, [No Weapon], SH-9, SC-7; Landship: [2xMedium Rifled Cannon, 1x Light Rifled Cannon] SV–14, SPD–8, ST–15, SU–18, SPN–45
Heavy Flyer
Crew: Lieut., [Pistol], Adventurer, SH-12, SC–13, SV–13, and 3 Extras, [No Weapon], SH-9, SC-7; Flyer: [Medium Rifled Cannon] SV–13, SPD–12, ST–16, SU-19, SP-90

British Column

Commander - Major Canbie-Ledastraigh
[Pistol] Adventurer, SH–13, SC–11, SV–15
Victoria Hawkes, Unattached Main Character
[Bolt Action Rifle] Hero, SH-17, SC-15, SV–18
2 Basic Units British Infantry
Each: Captain, [Pistol], Leader, SH–10, SC–9, SV–11; Sgt., [Bolt Action Rifle], Leader, SH–9, SC–11, SV–12; Extras, [Bolt Action Rifle], SH-9, SC–8
1 Basic Unit Martian Levies
Human Lieut., [Pistol] Veteran, SH–7, SC–8, SV–9; Extras, SH-6, SC-6
1 Royal Landship
Crew: Lieut., [Pistol], Adventurer, SH-13, SC–12, SV–14, and 3 Extras, [No Weapon], SH-9, SC-7; Landship: [Medium Rifled Cannon] SV–15, SPD–9, ST–14, SU–18, SPN–45
2 Medium Flyers
Each: Crew: Lieut., [Pistol], Adventurer, SH-13, SC–12, SV–14, and 3 Extras, [No Weapon], SH-9, SC-7; Flyer: [Medium Rifled Cannon] SV–14, SPD–14, ST–16, SU–19, SPN–90

Martian Relief Column

Commander – Prince Wyrahawcksgrup
Hero, SH-14, SC-13, SV-17
Tea'Em' Pei, Unattached Main Character
[ ], Hero, SH- 16, SC -17, SV- 17
2 Basic Units Prince's Guards
Each: Captain, Adventurer, SH–10, SC-13, SV-13; Sgt., Leader, SH-9, SC-9, SV–11; Extras, SH–8, SC-9
2 Basic Units Martian Light Foot
Each: Captain, Leader, SH–10, SC–11, SV–9; Sgt., Veteran, SH–8, SC–7, SV–8; Extras, SH–8, SC–7
1 Tripod
Crew: Lieut., [Pistol], Adventurer, SH-14, SC–14, SV–12, and 3 Extras, [No Weapon], SH-9, SC-9; Landship: [Treat as Medium Rifled Cannon] SV–13, SPD–13, ST–17, SU–18, SPN–90
1 Heavy Flyer
Crew: Lieut., [Pistol], Adventurer, SH-12, SC–12, SV–14, and 3 Extras, [No Weapon], SH-9, SC-7; Flyer: [4x Small Rifled Cannon] SV–13, SPD–15, ST–16, SU–18, SPN–90

"The Martians We Feared, But the Prussians We Hated."
- Pierre Embesole, French-Mars Governor 1899


By 1880 the means to travel to Mars had been perfected, and the major powers of earth were quick to plant their flags in the red soil. At first the Martians welcomed and were fascinated by these strange beings with the colorless skin and the bright uniforms, but then the strangers began to make demands for land and possessions. Some of the Martian tribal leaders grew disillusioned and called for the expulsion of these newcomers from their world, and it was not long before blood was shed, both red and green.

War spread throughout the Martian states and Earth colonies. One by one the ancient tribal thrones were toppled, and afterwards restored with a new kind of prince in them. These new Martian rulers were those who had always been willing to collaborate and befriend the Earth enemies. With the power of the Armies of Earth behind them there was no way for the Martian natives to resist this new order on Mars.

The years passed, and the Earth colonies grew through the labor of the Martians, whose puppet Princes cared little for the welfare of their subjects. The wealth of the red planet began to flow into the treasuries of the Earthmen.

Dissatisfactions began to grow among the natives of Mars, and then a small number of the Princes, who had grown comfortable on their thrones, began to tire of the foreigners who had put them there.

This was particularly the case in the French colonies, where the Human governors had ruled with a callous greed and incompetence. And it was here that the first spark of rebellion was struck. The French reaction to the Martian uprising was slow and piecemeal. Many of the officers were now more business men and profiteers than dedicated commanders and they had let military matters fall idle. The French army had become soft in only a few years. The flame of rebellion rushed through the discontented tribes of French-Mars almost unchecked.

The neighbors of this colony in rebellion were not blind to what was happening, particularly the Prussians to the north, who had always eyed the many French ore deposits with jealousy. Fearing the spread of unrest to their borders, they prepared a column to march into the French territory and restore order before the revolt came to them. If they found it would be necessary to remain there awhile to insure the peace; they felt that would only be to the better. A prolonged occupation, they planned, could certainly prove to be permanent.

The British to the south also grew dismayed at the French-Martian upheaval, and to ensure their own security the forces on their borders with the French colony grew stronger with reinforcements. Then word of the Prussian incursion reached the British and, guessing their ulterior motive, they too prepared a force to enter the French lands and help them restore peace, as well as show the Prussians that the French did not stand alone.

The Game

Situation: March 12, 1889. The valley of S’ur-dunol. The remains of a French force lies barricaded in a small village, Saint Lucille, at the foot of the valley. A ring of Martian Rebels has them encircled and is merely waiting for their submission. Having cut through most of northern French-Mars, a Prussian force approaches from the north having received word of the trapped French garrison. Unknown to them a British contingent also is approaching from the south on the same mission. But, though help approached the French from two directions, there was an unknown cloud of dust growing in the east.

Victory Conditions

  • French: At the end of the game, when combined with the British, they must have both more points left than the Martians and more points left than the Prussians.
  • Besieging Martians: At the end of the game, when combined with the Martian Relief Column, they must have more points left then the French, British, and Prussians combined.
  • Prussians: At game's end, have both more points then the British and French player combined and more points then the Martians separately.
  • British: At the end of the game, when combined with the French, they must have both more points left then the Prussians and more points then the Martians separately.
  • Martian Relief Column: At game's end, when combined with the Besieging Martians, they must have more points left then the French, British, and Prussians combined.


Each foot figure - 1 Point
Each Cannon/Gun - 5 Points
Each Land Vehicle - 10 Points
Each Flyer - 15 Pts.

Scenario map

Recommended Table Size: 6' x 10'

  • French: The French player sets up his forces anywhere within 8 inches of the center of the crossroads in the middle of the village of St. Lucille.
  • Besieging Martians: The Besieging Martians are set up anywhere outside of 18 inches from the center of the crossroads in the middle of the village of St. Lucille.
  • Prussian Column: Enters in any order on turn 1 from anywhere along the north table edge.
  • British Column: Enters turn 1 in any order from anywhere along the south table edge.
  • Martian Relief Column: The Martian Relief Column Players determine when they enter their forces anywhere along the eastern table edge by rolling a D6 each turn and the number is equal to or less than the number turn it is.

Special Rules

Special Note: The Prussians and the British/French are not yet at a point of open hostilities, and therefore cannot shoot at each other; but they do have a great deal of animosity towards each other and will not offer any outright support for their opposition.

Recommended Figures


Old Glory:

  • SOD-01 Foreign Legion Command
  • SOD-04 Legionaries Skirmishing
  • CBP-08 Boxer Rising European Civilian Volunteers

Scratchbuilt Landship or The London War Room's MK-1 Cruiser Class Landship

Besieging Martians

Prince – RAFM Hill Martian Cavalry on Gashant
Prince's Guard - RAFM Canal Martians
Light Martian Foot – RAFM Hill Martian Infantry
Guns - RAFM Canal Martian Artillery

Prussian Column

Commander - Parroom Station EXT-14 Count von Schickle
Col. Edelweiss – Shadowforge SC-118 Politburo Colonel
Prussians – Castaway Arts Prussians
Martian Levies – RAFM Martian Colonial Infantry
Imperial Landship – Scratchbuilt or Scheltrum German Armored Pullman
Heavy Flyer – Scratchbuilt or The London War Room ICG-1 The Ironclad Gunboat

British Column

Commander – Parroom Station BRTO-1 The Colonel
Victoria Hawkes – Brigade Games BG-VH03
Infantry - Eureka Miniatures PAXR-27 and PAX 20-24
Martian Levies - RAFM as commander and RAFM Martian Colonial Infantry
Royal Landship - Scratchbuilt or Reviresco Steam Tank HMLS Thunder
Medium Flyers – Scratchbuilt or Scheltrum "Jules Verne&qupt; Aerial Torpedo Destroyer

Martian Relief Column

Prince – Parroom Station CDRC-1 Mounted Royal Officer
Prince's Guard – Parroom Station CDMU-1 City Dweller Advancing unit pack with CDL-1 War Leader with Sword/Pistol as commander
Martian Light Foot – Parroom Station CDMU-3 Sverdolk Martian Unit Pack with CDL-1 War Leader with Sword
Tripod - Reviresco Martian Tripod
Heavy Flyer – The London War Room CC-1 The Cloud Cutter