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Last Painter Standing II Painting Contest Entries

This page lists one of the Contest entries.

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Adrian Gideon's Contest Entry

Adrian Gideon's Qualifications


Even though I've been in the miniature gaming hobby for 20 years now, I've only seriously been learning to paint miniatures for about 6 years. BattleTech was my first love, and has continued to be my premier pastime throughout the years. Only in recent years have I tried to broaden my painting horizons, not only exploring other genres, styles, and techniques, but then bringing back what I learned to my BattleTech miniatures.

I'm not generally one for contests, but I'm rather interested in this one, as each miniature I paint I see as an experiment, a testbed to try new techniques, in an attempt to put to shame anything I've done before. I see this contest as perfect for that mindset, as each round hones the skills of the participants, while they in fact feed off and learn from each other and the spectators.

Add to this, the fact that this contest centers on BattleTech, my constant hobby. I am very well versed in the all the aspects of the game (having as many branches and "sub-games" as Warhammer & 40K) as well as the fiction. I have had my miniatures published in 2 Classic BattleTech sourcebooks, Harbinger Magazine, and the FanPro Commando Quarterly.

I think this is an excellent oppurtunity to once again open up BattleTech to the wider miniatures audience, and I'd be thrilled to be a part of that.

My sample miniature depicts the Prometheus variant of the Daishi (Dire Wolf) 'Mech, which belongs to Victor Steiner-Davion, a popular character from both the Classic BattleTech and Mechwarrior lines.

Please visit these links to see more of my work:


Thank you, and best of luck to all!

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