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Last Painter Standing II Painting Contest Entries

This page lists one of the Contest entries.

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ZandrisIV's Contest Entry

ZandrisIV's Qualifications

I first present to you a small sampling of the works that I have painted over the past two months. I've been painting for over 8 years, though my technique has only grown to a more passable level during the last 12 months or so. I'm not much of a gamer, so I tend to paint for the sheer pleasure of it. I always try to "break the mold" with my colour schemes, and I hate copying of the official scheme with a passion. I am always willing to try new techniques, and am refining my own decal-making process to work with miniatures.

Well, no more waffling, lest I actually type an essay in here. See my preciooouussssesss.... and judge for yourself whether I am fit to compete.


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Entry photo